At the end of April, Jonas Schild from Bern succeeded in celebrating the Lehn classic Mission Miranda (8c) in Lehn. We interviewed Jonas about the successful ascent. The video is below.

When did you try the route for the first time?

In the fall 2015, after I hybris (8c +) climbed. At that time, I just got close to the individual moves of Mission Miranda.

How long have you planned the route? Was it easy or one of your longest projects?

I really tried them in spring a year ago. Last fall, I almost climbed, but then a foot injury came in between. Actually, I did not think that I would really try it again this spring because I did not really do much climbing during the winter. But surprisingly, it was pretty easy in April. For me it was certainly one of the toughest climbed routes, not in terms of degree, but such short and brute routes do not really suit me.

What went through your mind when you clipped the stand?

It was pretty funny, I already knew when I made the first difficult move that it could work out. That made me extremely relieved on the stand and had a lot of fun, but that's pretty normal when you've gotten through something, no matter how difficult it was. The anticipation of a cold beer came pretty fast.

What's your next bigger sport climbing project?

At the moment I want to focus more on mountaineering. But of course I still have many sport climbing projects in mind

What else are your plans for the coming months? Anything special?

I am going to mountaineering in Pakistan for two months in July.

Jonas Shield in Mission Miranda

A bit heavier

Already in the fall 2015 Jonas has slammed in Lehn. At that time with the celebration of hybris (8c +). There is also a video of this.

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Credits: Picture Daniel Bleuer


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