The two Swiss climbers Jonas Schild and Yannick Glatthard succeeded in the 30. August 2019 a one-day redpoint ascent of the recently-launched multi-pitch route Silverback (8a +) in the west wall of the Jungfrau.

In June 2019 it was the alpinist Roger Schäli, accompanied by Stephan Siegrist, the first redpoint walk on the route silverback am Rotbrätt could post on his account (LACRUX reported). The first ascent also called the two young talents Jonas shield and Yannick Glatthard on the plan.

“The first four pitches are not particularly difficult in terms of climbing, but the protection is sporty and the rock is sometimes a bit brittle. After the silver ribbon, we start with three steep and difficult pitches. "

Jonas shield

The seventh pitch was the first as Verdon Crux, because the route consists of 40 Meter Plattenkletterei with a lot of air underfoot. The route ends with two lighter rope lengths, which are no longer secured with Bolts. Jonas shield as well as Yannick Glatthard could climb the route after nine hours in the wall red dot.

“All in all, silverback is a fantastic alpine tour. Respect to Roger Schäli and Stephan Siegrist for setting up and first walking the route. "

Jonas shield

Facts about the Route Silverback on the Rotbrätt Westwand

Route: Silverback, west face Rotbrätt an der Jungfrau, difficulty: 8a +, wall height: 350 meters
Preparation: 2009 Stephan Siegrist, Giovanni Quirici, 2018 Development of the route by Stephan Siegrist and Roger Schäli
genesis: First ascent of the entire route in summer 2018 by Stephan Siegrist and Roger Schäli. First redpoint ascent of the route in June 2019 by Roger Schäli with rope partner Stephan Siegrist.
seriousness: High alpine multi-pitch route in the western wall of the Rotbrätt at the Jungfrau.

Topo of the climbing route Silverback on the Rotbrätt at the Jungfrau

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