In the French climbing area Buoux there is an impressive route that has not been conquered for decades: Le Bombé Bleu. Some have tried their hand at the imposing line: Ben Moon, Fred Rouhling or Chris Sharma. And now Lucien Martinez, Anatole Bosio and Charles Albert.

Le Bombé Bleu is a mystical route Buoux. The line was set up in the 90s by Marc Le Menestrel. Neither he nor other strong comrades of the time could only begin to climb the route. Some people would have simply struck an artificial grip in the hand-poor wall to make the route climbable. But for Marc Le Menestrel it was clear: one day someone could climb this route.

Someday someone can climb this route.

Marc Le Menestrel

Lucy Martinez, Anatoly Bosio and the barefoot climber Charles Albert visit the rock roll in the French sport climbing mecca Buoux in the following video. Could the three of them understand the sequences of Le bombe bleu decrypt? How difficult do you think the route is?

Le Bombé Bleu - A report about what is perhaps the most difficult route in the world

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Credits: Cover picture Relais Vertical