Product of the month - With its white powder, the American brand FrictionLabs has given magnesium a whole new meaning. The latest coup from FrictionLabs is a liquid magnesium that works without alcohol.

A contribution in cooperation with Bächli Bergsport

About a year ago, we presented the magnesium from FrictionLabs and launched a raffle. Since then much has happened. In the spring of this year, FrictionLabs presented a new liquid magnesium at the outdoor exhibition ISPO in Munich. The sensation of the matter: It comes without alcohol.

(Julien Clémence, picture Guido Hügin)

Less aggressive for your precious finger skin

Liquid magnesium has been around for a long time and is often used as a base layer. But it was always in disrepute to attack the skin. The reason for this was a central component of the liquid paste: the alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin and damages the skin in the long term. A regular use of liquid magnesium was therefore out of the question. This is precisely the problem FrictionLabs has adopted.

So you use the liquid magnesium without alcohol from FrictionLabs

The application of the new liquid magnesium, Alcohol Free Secret Stuff, works the same as conventional products with alcohol. A small portion is pressed on the fingertips (1) and then distributed evenly on the palm (2). Then it's best to swing your arms (3) or blow some air on your palms to dry them faster (4).

Perfect friction in combination with magnesium in powder form

Basically, with sole use of liquid magnesium be entered into the route or boulder. We recommend using classic magnesium in powder form as a second layer before the “go”. This guarantees perfect friction on the rock.

Important: It is absolutely necessary to wait until the liquid magnesium has dried off before you climb off, otherwise you'll glue the handles full!

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Credits: Cover picture Guido Hügin