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The wintry mountain world is impressive and offers a lot of new things in summer: ski tours, snowshoe hikes or ice climbing, to name just a few sports. Unfortunately, snow-covered peaks also harbor a real risk of an avalanche. Especially with the current snow conditions. Life-saving equipment in an emergency is essential. Above all a reliable avalanche transceiver. We introduce you to the Powder BT from Pieps.

The market for avalanche search devices - or LVS for short - is manageable. Nevertheless, the choice can quickly become difficult, because the differences between the models are only marginal at first glance. It is therefore worthwhile to take a close look at the details and identify personal preferences.

Good price-performance ratio

If you are looking for a balanced device that is not located in expensive professional areas, but still has more to offer than an entry-level model, you should Powder BT from Pieps inspect. First of all, the basic safety technology is the same everywhere in modern LVS: digital design, three antennas, marking function are standard.

The Powder BT from Pieps is fast, reliable and easy to use.
The Powder BT from Pieps is fast, reliable and easy to use.

That's why there's all of this with Powder BT. What is the mid-range avalanche transceiver from Pieps? Put simply, a fast, reliable and, above all, easy to use device. The range of 60 meters ensures a quick search for signals in an emergency, the group check mode is kept simple and understandable, and operation is intuitive. Little frills, a lot of performance.

Little frills, a lot of performance.

Particularly noteworthy is the compatibility with the Pieps app. The avalanche transceiver connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, which means that updates can be carried out, for example. A practical feature.

Buy the Powder BT from Pieps at Bächli Bergsport.

The technical details of the Pieps Powder BT

  • 60m range
  • 300h battery life in transmit mode
  • Simple group check mode
  • Self-test mode (check of hardware and software status)
  • Weight including batteries: 200g
  • Compatible with the Pieps app (via Bluetooth)

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