Mammut is recalling Generation 3.0 avalanche airbags with the Removable Airbag System (RAS) for the 2020/2021 winter season. The functionality of the airbag could be impaired.

Mammut asks its customers who have a Mammut generation 20 avalanche airbag with the Removable Airbag System (RAS) from the winter season 21/3.0 to check whether the cartridge is screwed into the mechanism of the airbag inflation system as far as it will go. This must be guaranteed to ensure that the Avalanche Safety equipment functions properly.

This recall concerns the models for winter 2020/2021

Generation 16, which has been available since the 17/3.0 season, can generally be recognized by the neon-orange trigger handle - however, only products from the current winter 20/21 season are affected by the current call for inspection.

Older avalanche airbags from generation 2.0 have a red deployment handle and, like airbags from generation 3.0 of the seasons winter 16/17, 17/18, 18/19 or winter 19/20, are not affected by this call. In this context, however, reference should be made to the calls from 2018 and 2019.

Call for Control 2018

Call for Control 2019

It is very easy to identify whether the cartridge of the winter season 20/21 models can be screwed in as far as it will go. The inspection instructions on the manufacturer's website will help you carry out this inspection yourself.

Affected airbag systems must not be used

If the cartridge cannot be screwed in completely as described in the instructions, the affected airbag system must no longer be used and must be returned to Mammut customer service immediately for a free exchange. If you have any questions, Mammut customer service is always available.

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