If that doesn't bode well for the second Lead World Cup of the season in Villars. During a flying visit to the Gimmelwald climbing area, Alexander Megos quickly scored Renardo Rules (8c, flash), El Molinero (8c+, in the second go), Goldfinger (8c, in third go) and Swiss francs (8b+, in the fourth go).

The IFSC Worldcup series is currently in Villars Halt and with her the international climbing elite. Alex Megos also used his stay in Switzerland to work with Anak Verhoeven, John Thornton and Alex tube the sport climbing Mecca gimmelwald to pay a visit.

Gimmelwald ticklist by Alexander Megos.

Impressive Gimmelwald ticklist

During this short stay, Alexander Megos once again demonstrated his talent for being able to decode difficult routes quickly. Supplied with beta tips from Swiss climber Alex Rohr, he managed several difficult lines at once, including the flash ascent of Renardo Rules (8c). In El Molinero (8c +) the German climbing professional reached the deflector in the second attempt for the inspection of Goldfinger (8c) he needed three tries. The line Swiss franc (8b +) managed Alex Megos in the fourth attempt.

Alex Megos IFSC World Cup Villars
Alex Megos won the silver medal at the Lead World Cup in Villars 2021. Image: Lena Drapella/IFSC

Megos with fond memories of Villars

With the IFSC World Cup in Villars, Alex Megos has positive memories: last year he climbed the second rank, 2019 won the the bronze medal. How it turns out this year remains to be seen. Qualifying rounds in the Lead discipline started yesterday. Today from 10 a.m. the strongest climbers in the world will compete in the semi-finals, at 20 p.m. the finals will start.

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Credits: Cover picture Alexander Megos.