The German professional alpinist Michi Wohlleben also succeeds Die Hard (M11 +) a difficult mixed route at the Seebenseefall in the Mieminger Mountains. Michi set up the route in 2013. He first started the tour at the end of January.

The area above the village of Ehrwald between Imst and Innsbruck is a popular hiking destination. “The shining turquoise Seebensee is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Tyrol and invites you to pause and refresh”, so it says on the regional tourism page. As cozy and beautiful as the lake and its surroundings are in summer, the ascent and ascent of the Seebenseefall is just as difficult and uncomfortable.

Michi's report on the first ascent of Die Hard

The alpinist, who lives in the Appenzell region, already set himself some years ago into the ambitious line of Seebenseefall several years ago. Recently he was able to do the route Die Hard realize together with Lukas Binder. But let's tell Michi himself.

“It fascinated me to climb the line from below directly over the individual free-hanging cones to the large ice nest, as there are not many of this variety. I noticed it when I climbed the classic Seebenseefall with Peter Albert and Kathrin Winkler in 2009.

In the same year I started drilling with my mountain guide colleague Michi Bückers. The bad rock, but also the massive roofs made the drilling rather tedious. Due to injuries, bad conditions but also a lack of "motivation" to continue to be afraid, it took a long time until the route was completely set up in 2013. The furnishing was only possible with the kind and patient support of Fritz Miller, Michi Wärthl, Markus Koch and Lukas Binder.

After the route was set up, quite a bit of time passed again. I spent one winter completely in bed due to a paragliding accident and last year the route didn't grow. This year I was highly motivated and everything went well, even if I had to invest a lot of time again. The combination of the difficulty, brittle rock and the caustic approach made it more difficult than I would have thought.

On January 18.01.2017, 11, secured by Lukas Binder, I was finally able to climb all pitches from below Rotpunkt. The two hardest pitches (M11 +) were much harder for me than any M12 or MXNUMX in the climbing garden. But this was probably also due to the poor quality of the rock and the exposure of the route. A small digression on the degree of difficulty: Ratings for difficult mixed climbing are like toilet paper for the A ****. I am definitely looking forward to repetitions. The route is secured with bolts. But repeaters have to think carefully about whether they want to climb the route. If you get involved, it is sure to be a mega experience. "

Pictures of the ascent on Seebenseefall

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