The Petzl Dual Connect Adjust is an infinitely adjustable self-belay sling. Anyone who has ever had the self-belay sling with them on a multi-pitch tour will never want to give it back.

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

Building a solid belay and quickly securing yourself are part of the standard repertoire when climbing or abseiling in multi-pitch routes or on via ferratas. Techniques and the use of materials have been established using pole safety devices and slings. However, proven systems can also be optimized. That has changed Petzl with the Dual Connect Adjust written on the flag.

Worlds more flexible and faster at the stand

Restraint, as solid and simple as it is, has one major disadvantage. If a sling is used for this, it remains rigid. The good old mast thrower experiences a similar fate when abseiling - because logically: the rope is ultimately needed for abseiling. So the material doesn't seem to be that sophisticated after all. Sure, it serves its purpose, but there's an easier way. 

Video: The different Adjust Lanyards from Petzl

With the Dual Connect Adjust, Petzl offers an ingeniously simple solution: an infinitely adjustable self-belay sling. The highlight is that there are two strands - one of them fixed, the other flexibly adjustable in length. This allows a radius of action adapted to the situation, for example when building a stand. In addition, in the fixed arm Multi-pitch tours hooked into the belay device, eliminating the need to use two separate webbing slings.

The whole thing remains ergonomic and, above all, user-friendly. In this way, the adjustment device can be operated quickly and, above all, with one hand. The well thought-out features and quick handling make the Dual Connect Adjust the ideal companion for sport climbing and mountaineering.

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