The Ticino climber Nicola Vonanburg succeeds in the first ascent of a long-term project in the gold sciatic sector near Cevio. As a rating for the Missfonda route, he gives 8c +.

Nicola Vonanburg is one of the most active developers and first-time climbers of Ticino. Numerous difficult first ascents are on his account, including On the eggs (8b +) at the Geisha Walls, Fuori corso (8c +) in Gribbiasca or Mille diavoli (8b) near Cama.

His latest coup is the Missfonda route near Cevio.

I lost track of the number of times I climbed the start of Missfonda. Then, on a day with bad conditions, the miracle came.

Nicola Vonanburg

Nicola suggests 8c + as a rating. But for Nicola the focus was not on the degree, but on the way up to the moment when he could clip the diverter of the route.

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Cover picture Egon Bernasconi

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