Petzl releases a film about the tour of the Orbayu route (8c, 500m, 13 pitches) by Nina Caprez and Cédric Lachat.

The Orbayu route in the Picos de Europa National Park, Spain, was first established in 2005 by the Iker and Eneko Pou brothers. With 13 rope lengths, 500 climbing meters and five lengths in the difficulties 7c - 8c, the route is a true multi-pitch test piece.

Made for Nina Caprez and Cédric Lachat

The Swiss top climbers, Nina Caprez and Cédric Lachat, who made international headlines at the latest since their visit to Silbergeier in the Rätikon, feel pretty much at home in hard multi-pitch routes. That the two have chosen the test piece in the north of Spain for a film project, therefore not surprising.

Discussion about the right on the mountain

The movie shoot was preceded by an exciting discussion about the right to claim a route during filming. In the same year, the American climber Sasha DiGiulian planned a visit and cinematic documentation together with the Spaniard Edu Marin. In the media (at that time there was not yet LACRUX) was diligently discussed and the ladies Nina Caprez and Sasha DiGiulian publicly expressed their little dispute. The two, as far as we remember, then parted in peace.

But at this point we do not want to rekindle this old discussion, but dedicate ourselves to the visit of Cédric and Nina.

Movie "A Climbing Odyssey with Nina Caprez and Cédric Lachat"


Picture: Screenshot video


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