High temperatures are expected at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Adam Ondra and the Czech Olympic Committee prepare specifically for the special climatic conditions. Details can be found in the latest episode of Adam Ondra's video series.

It's getting hot. Very hot. High temperatures are expected especially for the climbing competitions, which take place outside on a huge asphalt surface. The Czech Olympic Committee recently united its athletes to show them what measures they can take to prepare for the climatic conditions and how they can deal with the high temperatures on site.

Adam Ondra has shown in previous episodes of his video series what he does. For example, during a training session, he heated his training room to over 30 degrees to accommodate the conditions in Tokyo to simulate. In an interview with LACRUX, he also said that he would take a fan with him to Tokyo, which was the most important item that he took with him.

The Czech Olympic Committee gives these tips to its athletes

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