The British Maddy Cope manages the redpoint ascent of the Trad route principle hope (8b / +, E9 / 10) on the Bürser plate. She is the third person to score the route in recent weeks.

The Route Principle Hope in Bürs is very popular. On the inspections of the German professional alpinist Michi Wohlleben and the Austrian Nadine Wallner follow now Maddy Cope from Sheffield. The Briton climbed principle hope in the worst possible conditions.

"Because the temperatures are currently too high and I do not have much time left, I'll probably have to leave the route behind without a visit. After I checked out the route and found the necessary wedges and friends, I had only a few attempts left. "

Maddy Cope just over a week ago.

Four days later, the situation looked different. Maddy got up early to benefit from the morning and therefore tolerable temperatures and scored the route. As evaluation she proposes 8b / E9.

"A big thank you goes to Ryan (friend of Maddy, Editor's Note) for getting out of bed so early to secure me."

Maddy Cope after the climb.

Madeleine Cope at one of her attempts

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Credits: picture Jacopo Larcher


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