The Basque climber and coach Patxi Usobiaga opens with Patxitxulo a Neutour and suggests the degree 9a / +.

Anyone who has ever been to Oliana will notice something. The name of the Neutour is based heavily on the name of the classic line in the Catalan sports climbing area: Papichulo. The proximity of the two names is no coincidence. The new tour is a combination of Papichulo (9a +) and Joe Blau (8c +).

Patxi on the visit:

Damn! I am so overwhelmed right now. 14a ascent (Il Domani) I have a new linkup between Joe Blue (9c +) and Papichulo (8a +) and I think it could be dubbed Patxitxulo 9a / + (9d / 5.14a).

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