The high summer temperatures in July made many a bedroom even at night to the sauna room. The time was ripe for the search of an idyllic bivouac place in the height. Equipped with sleeping bag, mat, gas cooker, dishes and camera we went off to the mountains.

An experience report by Remo Schläpfer

Due to our office in St. Gallen, the choice of the Alpstein Mountains was obvious. But not only the geographical proximity make the area interesting. The Alpstein with its lush meadows, numerous alpine farms, imposing mountain folds and the panoramic views of Austria, Germany and France offer endlessly impressive places to bivouac.

In preparation for the bivouac night, I looked at the 25: 000 card in more detail and talked to my buddy and professional mountaineer Michi Wohllebenwho knows the area well because of his many training tours. For discussion was the Öhrli or a place near the impressive Altenalptürme. I postponed the definitive decision to later.

Approach to the bivouac only with good footwear

Due to time constraints I drove from Wasserauen with the Ebenalpbahn to the mountain station. From there, thanks to the light equipment, it quickly went with my 30-liter backpack on the shoulders towards Schäfler. After I passed the restaurant of the same name the first surprise came.

For the entrance to the bivouac good footwear is necessary.

Due to the high temperatures I decided for Birkenstock sandals. I am used to walking in difficult terrain without mountaineering boots. Nevertheless, the warning let me think for a moment and encouraged me to place an important hint here: Please do not imitate.

As planned, I passed the first possible bivouac site at the Altenalentürmen. I can see the towers of previous hikes and a viral video of Michi (more on that later). I ran up to the saddle and wanted to see if I was fit for the place. At the topI was awaited by an imposing view into the lowlands on the northern side and a fantastic view of the Alpstein Mountains on the southern side. And all this right next to the Altenalptürmen. I did not study long and searched for a place to sleep in the hillside. As if created, I found a small gravel field in the middle of the grassy steep slope. This I quickly cleared out and thus had a perfect, secluded spot for my bivouac, in the middle of the steep grassy slope.

What a bivouac place!

Soft and warm bedded

With my usual sleeping mat I would now have to invest a good deal of breath in the inflation of the sleeping mat. Not like that Ether Light XT Insulated from Sea to Summit. The shell of the mat acts as a kind of pump - and that works really well and surprisingly fast. The Lightweight sleeping bag Spark II - also from Sea to Summit - I also pack the same, so that the down feathers can bulge up nicely until bedtime.

Important: Lay the sleeping bag as early as possible so that the down can bulge.

Since I was traveling alone, I opted for the choice of a simple menu: ravioli from the tin. I put more emphasis on quality in the wine. The Cooker Firefly by Robens is super small and fit in the sophisticated Set of pans and crockery SigmaSet 2.1, So in terms of volume, I just had to pack a pan. Two plates, two cups, the cooker and the coffee strainer can be stored in this one pan. Brilliant.

Smaller pack size is hardly possible: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooker, gas cartridge, pan, two plates, two cups, a coffee filter and cutlery.

That food was cooked and eaten quickly. Unfortunately, I forgot the ravioli for all my photography, so they are lightly burnt. The painstaking cleaning of the pan I postponed until the next morning.

Kitschy sunset with foresight

After the fast construction of the bivouac station, I ran ten meters higher on the saddle and enjoyed the unique foresight on Lake Constance and the cheesy sunset. Always rave about the sunsets in the South African boulder Rocklands. This sunset can easily keep up.

Kitschiger does not work, right?

The day after - recovered slept

My alarm clock was ringing at 5.30 clock, because I did not want to miss the sunrise and thus the optimal light for more pictures at no cost. The night in my Spark II and on the Matte Ether Light XT was awesome. My last bivouac night is one year back. I spent it in my old, super-heavy, downy sleeping bag on a thin sleeping mat. I slept that bad afterwards.

Not that night. The mattress is not only very comfortable, but also insulated. From the bottom no cold pushed (yes, in the night it was cool despite the summer temperatures). In combination with the inflatable Pillow Eros Pillow Ultralight LargeI even slept sideways like a marmot, which can be fixed on the mat. At night, a good dose of dew settled on the sleeping bag. Normal down sleeping bags quickly deteriorate due to moisture and become soggy. The Spark In contrast, which contains the specially water-repellent Ultra-Dry-Down, ensured despite the humidity at night for pleasantly warm temperatures.

Via Säntis back to the car - with a boulder session

Also at breakfast I waived quality - except for the coffee. The day before, I filled freshly ground coffee powder in a small tin and took the Filter X-Brew With. The coffee filter, like the two cups and plates, had room in the pan. So in the morning, all I had to do was boil water and pour it into the filter - if it were not for the crust of the ravioli burned the night before. I suppressed that. To my astonishment, thanks to the nocturnal moisture, the crust loosened effortlessly from the pan, even though it was not a Teflon pan. This effect will not be repeated in the future? So the coffee was ready to drink quickly.

Compared to the coffee filter I was a bit critical. I like strong coffee from the expresso pot. To my surprise, the filter worked very well. The water runs through the filter only very slowly, so a decent portion of coffee flavor is released from the powder. The result was very good for a filter coffee. Since the coffee filter with its 85 grams in the baggage does not matter, it's worth taking along!

Keep it simple: coffee and semolina for breakfast.

After the short breakfast I continued towards Säntis, the main summit of the Alpsteingebirge. On the way there, I suddenly discovered some imposing blocks that made my climbing heart beat faster. I could not resist and took a little break and climbed an edge - with suboptimal footwear (Birkenstock). If you want to have a serious session here, we recommend climbing shoes and pads, because the jump area is quite rocky.

Short boulder session near the Öhrlikopf in the Alpstein.

Some meters in altitude and meeting with marmots later I reached the big snowfield below the Säntis. Again, I like to repeat: Bring appropriate footwear. Arrived at the summit I decided to have a second coffee and extended breakfast in the restaurant Alter Säntis. Cozy it went then by train back to the valley and with the PostBus and the Appenzellerbahn back to the car in Wasserauen.

If you are looking for a nice hike along a not so often used route and a spectacular bivouac site, we recommend the tour very much. Important is a stable weather window (the space is exposed) and good footwear - and of course good bivouac material. Anyone who thinks I write so euphorically about the products mentioned, because we got these provided, is wrong. I was given the sleeping bags, especially the Spark II with its small packing size and low weight, recommended several times. The rest of the material has simply convinced - very much.

Details about the bivouac place

The bivouac is located at the western end of Altenalptürme, above the Lötzlisalpsattels in steep grass slope. A small boulder field in the middle of the slope is leveled out and serves as a place to sleep with an imposing view of the Alpstein Mountains. The course is exposed and suitable only in good weather - but then all the more impressive. Due to its exposed location, the bivouac is recommended only for experienced mountain walkers. Under this link you can the Space in the 3D view consider.

Bonus for the adventurous

If the cozy evening hike to the bivouac and the overnight stay in this idyllic place is not enough, you can get the adrenaline rush with the crossing of the Altenal towers. The ascent of the Altenalptürme is only recommended for experienced climbers.

The video is from the professional pianist Michi Wohlleben, Incidentally, as a mountain guide, he also accompanies guests over the narrow ridge. You can find his coordinates here

My bivouac equipment for the described tour

Sleeping Bag Spark II from Sea to Summit

Schlafsack_Sea-to-Summit Spark II
The downs of the Spark II are pretreated against moisture and keep you comfortably warm.

Sleeping mat Ether Light XT Insultated

Guaranteed soft and warm bedding you are on the EtherLight XT Insulated.

Pillow Eros Pillow Ultralight Large

Eros Pillow Ultralight
If you can not do without a pillow, we recommend the Eros Pillow Ultralight.

Cook set Sigma set 2.1 for two persons

Kochset_Sea-to-Summit SigmaSet-21_
A space miracle: Two plates, two cups, cooker and cutlery find place in a pan.

Cutlery Camp Cutlery

Camping Besteck_Sea-to-Summit_CampCutlery
Light camping kit.

Reusable Coffee Filter X-Brew

Small and light. The coffee filter X-Brew.

Gas stove Robens Firefly

A lightweight and small in pack size. Fits in the sigma set 2.1

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Credits: footage Sea to Summit, Robens

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  1. I'm waiting for the report of the first Birkenstock ascent of the Eiger north face ...
    Somehow the whole thing went wrong. Dear Sponsors: To increase the credibility of the quality of your products, please also look at the quality of your "presenters".

    1. If this continues with global warming, then one day there will certainly be a Birkenstock ascent of the Eiger.

      But now to the topic: In other regions of this world, so experienced several times in the plateaus of South America, people still walk completely different paths in sandals. So it's not "gaga" and not dangerous to be in the mountains in such shoes. At least not when you're used to walking in sandals.

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