He is not only fast with crampons, but also strong on the rock. Swiss professional alpinist Nicolas Hojac scores points for the 8c route Samurai in the Bernese Oberland.

Much more often trudges Nicolas Hojac with mountain boots in the snow or beating his front teeth in ice columns, as he climbs his fingers on the rock wound. But the versatile Bernese is also found on the rock. So recently in the climbing area Unterwald near Kanderstag (Switzerland). There he succeeded the route a few weeks ago Samurai, rated with 8c.

"This short and very boulder-heavy route offers brilliant climbing and painful grips."

Nicolas Hojac on the route Samurai
Picture Daniel Bleuer

Some would not call a route with painful grips beautiful. Nicolas Hojac did not let the sharp handles get on and pulled the Oberland classic Samurai - with loss of some layers of skin.

Picture Daniel Bleuer

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Credits: Pictures Daniel Bleuer