Yesterday, 31. May 2019, the German professional mountaineer Michi Wohlleben succeeded in the 9a test piece on Voralpsee.

"When childhood dreams come true," Michi comments on the ascent. “I can't describe how much it means to me to have climbed speed.” Projected for several weeks Michi Wohlleben the Beat Kammerlander first established route in the eastern Swiss sport climbing area Voralpsee.

Focus on rock climbing

The focus of Michi Wohlleben is usually on alpinism, an area in which he keeps hearing about himself. Among the most outstanding achievements in the recent past are the first winter ascent of the five peaks at the Drei Zinnen as well as the First ascent of the mixed route Die slowly on Seebenseefall, For some months, however, he concentrated on bouldering and sport climbing.

Michi Wohlleben after the celebration of Speed ​​Intégrale on Voralpsee.

The change of direction quickly showed results in these disciplines as well. In March he succeeded the Inspection of the Trad route Principle Hope on the Bürser plate, As soon as the conditions on the Voralpsee allowed, the 28-year-old cycled regularly into the East Swiss sports climbing area and started to design Speed ​​Intégrale.

"Many thanks to my sponsors, who, as an alpinist with heavy legs, gave me the freedom to concentrate on rock climbing for once."

Michi Wohlleben with a wink to his visit

Amazing is the celebration not only of the degree. Considering that Michi Wohlleben is more often with pimple than with Grigri on the way, the ascent takes on a different dimension.

(Picture Michi Wohlleben)

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Credits: Picture title picture Jacopo Larcher

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