Professional spin-off Roger Schäli's "Passion Eiger" is a magazine that tells the story of his passion for what is arguably the most famous north wall in the world. Enriched with augmented reality elements, the publication takes you into the verticals of this awesome wall. Also included are detailed topos of numerous routes.

Roger Schäli has the Eiger already committed over 50 times, followed known lines or set up new routes. With the magazine Passion Eiger, Roger Schäli takes the readers into "his" wall, which is his whole focus, into which he puts his creativity and vitality, and where he goes to and beyond the limits of his capabilities.

Magazine Passion Eiger --- Roger Schäli

The magazine as a multimedia experience

Behind two dozen marked photos are videos and picture galleries that can be played using the EXTRA app developed by Entlebucher Medienhaus. Also interesting for climbers are the detailed topos of the following routes (excerpt):

  • Metanoia
  • Patience
  • Odyssey
  • Emergency Exit

The magazine "Passion Eiger" is now available at the Entlebucher Medienhaus for 18.50 Franken and can be found directly under the link be ordered.


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