A few days ago the International Sports Court of Justice made a decision on the doping affair in Russia. Among other things, Russia is excluded from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo next year. Does the Olympic ticket go to the Swiss Sascha Lehmann?

In a groundbreaking decision, the International Sports Court (CAS) endorsed the view of the World Anti-Doping Agency and condemned Russia for its state-organized doping. The country will remain excluded from Olympic events until 2022.

Does Sascha Lehmann unexpectedly get an Olympic ticket?

As a result, Russia will not be represented as a nation at the summer games in Tokyo or Beijing 2022, which have been postponed by a year. There is one exception: Russian athletes can take part in the competitions as neutral athletes.

However, according to current information, this is only possible for those athletes whose analyzes were not carried out by Russian authorities in the past, i.e. in the case of permanent residence abroad.

Will Aleksei Rubtsov, Luliia Kaplina and Viktoriia Meshkova lose their ticket?

Unfortunately, the International Climbing Association has not yet commented on the situation in climbing sport and thus the Olympic qualifications of Aleksei Rubtsov, Luliia Kaplina and Viktoriia Meshkova. The IFSC media spokesman was unfortunately not available until the editorial deadline.

It is still too early to conclude that Aleksei Rubtsov's place could subsequently be transferred to Swiss Sascha Lehmann. This would only happen if Aleksei Rubtsov was not allowed to appear as a "neutral" athlete due to the CAS decision against his country.

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Sascha Lehmann missed the Olympic ticket by a hair's breadth.

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