The French top climber Sébastien Bouin gets himself shortly after the first ascent of the hardest sport climbing route in France - La Rage d'Adam, 9b / + - An inspection of the heaviest multi-pitch route: Hosanna (8c, 5SL).

About 40 has routes in the ninth degree of French Seb Bouin already in his account. Reason enough to face a challenge of a special kind. Seb set himself the goal of first tackling the heaviest French sports climbing route within a week and repeating the heaviest multi-pitcher tour. The project he called Rock Combined Challenge. After a few days ago the first goal with the commission of La Rage d'Adam reached (LACRUX reported), he took the multi - pitch route Hosanna, also in the Verdon, in attack.

"Everything went perfect and I did not fall today. That rarely happens, "jokes the Frenchman. "I was a bit nervous about the first pitch (8b / +) and not really warmed up yet. But in the other lengths, everything was perfect. "

Seb Bouin at the first ascent of the multi-pitch route Hosanna in the Verdonschlucht. (Picture Julia Cassou)

Seb Climbed the first two pitches (8b / + and 8b) in one go to minimize time in the whole time. This was made possible by a perfect resting point by a tree between the two lengths. So it was not that he lined up the two lengths without a break.

"The fourth length is the key length and strongly overhanging. It is blatant that this length is even climbable. There are big holes, small tufas. I did not find the length much heavier than the previous lengths. "

Sébastien Bouin

Seb Bouin at the first ascent of La Rage d'Adam (9b / +)

The multi-pitch route Hosanna was first awarded by the Swiss Cédric Lachat

The first ascent of the route Hosanna got a familiar face: Cédric Lachat, The Swiss top climber took the 22. October 2016 the first ascent of the heaviest multi-pitched French tour. "Hosanna is an absolute dream route, a crazy line. Too bad that it's only 160 meters long, "commented Cédric Lachat his first ascent three years ago. The route was established by the Frenchman Patrice Glairon Rappaz.

Video: Cédric Lachat on the commission of Hosanna

Hosanna from Bartas Productions on Vimeo.

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Credits: Julia Cassou