The French climber Seb Bouin manages the first ascent of his long-term project Les yeux plus gros que l'antre (9a + / 9b). The approximately 70 meter long route at Russan in southern France runs over 60 meters in a roof.

"Yiiiiihouuuuu! First Ascent of French Chilam Balam "Les yeux plus gros que l'antre" 9a + / 9b. Seb Bouin comments his on-the-spot investigation. "One of the most beautiful routes I did and for sure was one of the best french routes". The route is after CSR (also by Seb Bouin), Eagle 4 and Akira the fourth hardest route in France.

Difficulty with 9b rather than 9a +

Although Seb states 9a + / 9b as a difficulty, the difficulty is more likely to be in 9b listening to his argument: "About the grade, I propose carefully 9a + / 9b - 5.15a / b. I think it's harder than Chilam Balam (9a + / b) and harder than Pachamama (hard 9a +). "

Inspirational film about Seb Bouin

Motivation syringe for Easter: Seb Bouin in his Flatanger project

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Credits: Cover picture Charlie Lecocq


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