The Austrian Stefan Scherz succeeds in the red point ascent of the 9a + route Papichulo in Oliana, Spain. This was only two months after a metatarsal fracture.

Stephen Scherz is not a concept for you? Do not worry. The 20-year-old Austrian has only just really got started. He has been at the forefront of junior competitions for a long time, including first place in the lead at the European Continental Youth Cup in Augsburg in 1 and first place at the European Youth Championships in a combined format (lead, speed) in 2020.

His performances on the rock are also impressive, in the past twelve months he climbed three 8c +, two 9a's and now his first 9a +. The story behind his first 9a +, Papichulo in Spain, is extremely impressive.

"I have achieved my goal and that showed me once again how strong the psyche is, stronger than anything else."

Stephen Scherz

In September of the current year, Stefan Scherz broke his metatarsal bone. But that did not deter the Austrian. After a short break, he was back in the climbing hall and decided to set himself the goal of climbing 9a +. Until the foot had healed and strengthened enough to be carefully strained again, Stefan Scherz simply climbed with just one foot.

At the end of November he went to the climbing area Oliana, Spain, and fully focused on the Papichulo route. After just a week it was over, Scherz clipped the route's diverter without falling.

"Let's gooo! The first route in this degree. What a feeling at the top of the route! "

Stephen Scherz

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Credits: Cover picture Toni Mas Buchaca