This summer the time has come: Stefano Ghisolfi wants to attack Silence (9c), currently the most difficult route in the world, in Flatanger, Norway. The Italian climbing pro reveals this in his most recent video diary.

Opened in early September 2017 Adam Ondra in Norway the first 9c in the world and wrote with his long-term project Silence climbing story. Unlike other difficult routes, the potential repeaters held back discreetly. Now proclaims none other than Stefano Ghisolfithat he's after in the summer Flatanger wants to travel to try Silence. With the three 9b+ routes Perfecto Mundo, Change and Bibliography in the luggage, the Italian is certainly a real contender for a repeat.

Regular form checks

When it comes to climbing, Stefano Ghisolfi leaves nothing to chance. Under the watchful eyes of his coach Roberto Bagnoli, the climbing pro regularly undergoes physical stress tests. With regard to the most difficult route in the world, Ghisolfi also recently passed the 9c strength test of Magnus Midtbo made. Small spoiler: The result was not quite as expected.

Video: Is Stefano Ghisolfi ready for 9c?

Select circle of candidates

There may be various reasons why no one has made a serious attempt at Silence. Adam Ondra himself says that the route suits his preferences and style. This is less the case for other potential contenders. In particular, Ondra's beta in the crux - a bad knee twister - should not have failed to have a deterrent effect. Only the British crack specialist Pete Whittaker felt inspired enough to find out in 2020 if the crack of silence also jamming leaves.

Count alongside Stefano Ghisolfi Alex Megos, Jakob Schubert, Sébastien Bouin or the Italian Laura Rogora to the names that are traded as possible 9c candidates. Apart from Ghilsofi, none of them have expressed serious intentions to join Silence. The American has recently compared to Lacrux Dave graham reveal that they would like to try the hardest route in the world. It remains exciting.

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Credit: Cover picture The North Face