A few days ago Stefano Ghisolfi went to the French sport climbing mecca of Céüse. His goal: to try the 9c route bibliography.

Worldwide there are only two routes with a difficulty level of 9c. Silence in Flatanger from Adam Ondra and Bibliography in Céüse Alexander Megos.. The crazy movements in Silence put off many potential 9c repeaters. The route bibliography, for its part, is more “ordinary” and thus attracts more and more top climbers.

One of the people who seriously began to plan the route is the Italian Stefano Ghisolfi. He has already climbed two 9b + routes, making him a serious 9c contender. In this video he describes the route bibliography in detail and tells of his approach.

Video: Stefano Ghisolfi projects bibliography (9c)

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Credits: Cover picture Enrico Veronese