In a three-part training series on ActiontalkTV, 9a climber Marco Müller shows you how to train efficiently at home with simple means and little time investment. In today's and first edition, core training is the focus.

The training series is presented by La Sportiva and the online shop Alpine Outfitters

In this three-part training series, the 24-year-old reveals the secret recipe for his 10-minute workouts. The from La Sportiva and Alpine Outfitters The training videos presented are designed so that you can participate directly.

It starts with a pimple-hard core training in our first video Action Talk TV. Lay out your yoga mat and join in! And we guarantee you one thing: muscle soreness at its best.

Training series with Marco Müller // core training // episode 1

About Marco Müller

Marco Müller mostly trains at home - with great success. Marco climbed 9a three times last year, was Swiss champion in the lead discipline in 2019 and bouldered difficult classics such as Off the Wagon (8b +) im Val Bavona.

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