Product of the month - Anyone who pursues different sports in the mountains will quickly notice that each discipline has its own backpack type. That makes perfect sense, on the other hand, with varied mountaineering interests, the equipment cupboard threatens to burst at the seams. That is why the French outfitter Blue Ice comes in at the right time with a multifunctional model and combines trail running with climbing.

A guest contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

What do trail running and climbing have in common? Not much, one would think. While some run over stony paths, others scramble up vertical rock faces. However, similarities can be found at second glance. This is reflected above all in equipment such as the backpack: it has to be light, close-fitting and allow plenty of room for movement.

The Reach 12 from Blue Ice also has a helmet holder.
The Reach 12 from Blue Ice also has a helmet holder.

Blue Ice from Chamonix in France has developed a climbing backpack that adapts the advantages of trail running backpacks. The result is the Reach 12, a hybrid that can be used for both sports. The extra-wide shoulder straps with compartments for drinking bottles and the two adjustable chest straps come from the world of trail running, the many attachment options for ropes, carabiners, ice ax or quickdraws can be clearly assigned to the climbing terrain.

Practical side pocket with zipper for stowing the smartphone.
Practical side pocket with zipper for stowing the smartphone.

Blue Ice thus solves the dilemma of the rucksack mountain that piles up at home for every different mountain sport. Sure, the Reach 12 does not replace a dedicated climbing or trail running backpack, but anyone looking for a well thought-out interim solution with the best of both worlds will get their money's worth with this model.

The details of the Blue Ice Reach 12

  • Volume: 12l
  • Weight: 400g
  • Integrated compartment for 500ml Soft Flask drinking bottle in the shoulder strap.
  • Side mesh pockets
  • A half-deep front compartment
  • 2 gear loops
  • 2 loops for ice screw carabiners
  • Front attachment for ice ax, trekking poles or helmet
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Rope fixation

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