The American Daniel Woods has been in Spain for just over 10 days. He has already achieved one of his goals for the trip: he manages the third ascent of the 9b route La Capella.

A week ago, on his second day in the route meant Daniel full of motivation: "Linked the last boulder a couple times then got really close to linking the two crux boulders together." The route consists of three bouldering problems that have to be connected without a resting point. A boarding train in the 8a + area is followed by seven trains in the 8a + / b area and rounded off with five more trains in the 7c area. After that, there must still be strength for the last moves in the 7b area up to the stand. Daniel describes it with complete enthusiasm La Capella as follows: “All natural and amazing movement with some of the coolest grips I've grabbed onto. Fuckin savage though on the finger. "

Five days to the entrance of La Capella

On the 26. February 2018 it was time. Daniel only needed five days in the route until he got through. With a wink, he announces the commission, it is no wonder that his first 9b is a boulderlastige route. La Capella was set up by Carles Brascó in the 90s. Dave Graham was able to decipher the individual trains. Many other athletes have tried their hand at the route, including Klem Loskot and Ramon Julian. The first ascent did not succeed until February 2011, namely - who else - Adam Ondra, It was then at the beginning of this year Stefano Ghisolfiwho demanded the second ascent of the route (LACRUX reported).

Daniel Woods visibly-happy-to-the-trapdoor
The joy after the ascent of La Capella (9b) is great (picture: Jon Cardwell).

Welcome to the club of 9b climbers, Daniel!

As the Spanish climbing magazine Desnivel executes, Daniel Woods climbs up with the ascent of La Capella into the club of the illustrious 9b athletes. IMPORTANT: There is also a woman under it, namely Angy Eiter with her commission of La Planta de Shiva in Villanueva del Rosario (LACRUX reported).

  1. Dani Andrada mit Ali-Hulk sit start extension (Rodellar, 2007)
  2. Chris Sharma to Jumbo love (Clark Mountain, 2008)
  3. Adam Ondra to Golpe de estado (Siurana, 2010)
  4. Magnus Midtboe to  Ali-Hulk sit start extension (Rodellar, 2010)
  5. Jakob Schubert to  Fight or flight (Oliana, 2014)
  6. Sachi Amma to Fight or flight (Oliana, 2015)
  7. Ethan Pringle to Jumbo love (Clark Mountain, 2015)
  8. Stefano Ghisolfi to Lapsus (Andonno, 2015)
  9. Alex Megos to First round first minute (Margalef, 2015)
  10. Steve mcclure to Rainman (Malham, 2017)
  11. Angela Eiter to La planta de Shiva (Villanueva del Rosario, 2017)
  12. Daniel Woods to La capella (Siurana, 2018)

Credits: picture Jon Cardwell


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