We have tested what is perhaps the lightest backpack in the world for you. The Ultra-Sil Nano Daypack from Sea to Summit weighs as much as a muesli bar - no joke!

When we had the Nano Daypack in hand for the first time, we were a bit reserved and critical. So it is understandable if you think that the backpack is no good and that you can only pack a T-shirt in it. But you are wrong.

Smaller is almost impossible. The Ultra-Sil Nano Daypack from Sea to Summit
Smaller is almost impossible.

Despite its ultra-light construction (30 grams), the Nano Daypack is designed for loads of up to 20 kilograms and offers enough space (18 liters) for important climbing equipment. This is made possible by the light, yet very tear-resistant 15D nylon fabric used in the backpack.

In these situations the Ultra-Sil Nano Daypack was convincing

It is suitable ...

  • As a climbing backpack for multi-pitch routes (rain jacket, headlamp, muesli bars, water, mobile phone, etc. can easily be stored in it)
  • As a bag of provisions for sport climbing, bouldering or on multi-pitch tours. The backpack can be ideally hung on its straps on the stand during alpine climbing and the food can be taken out of the backpack without losing anything.
  • to organize your bouldering utensils in the crash pad (shoes, chalk, climbing brushes, hand cream, etc.)
  • for day trips while hiking or on a rest day in the city
  • as an emergency backpack for spontaneous everyday purchases

Offers space for everything important

Rain jacket, drink bottle, food and headlamp. Everything important can be found in the Nano Daypack
Rain jacket, water bottle, food and headlamp.
Everything important can be found in the Nano Daypack

Climbing backpack for multi-pitch tours

The Nano Daypack accompanied us on multi-pitch tours in the Alpstein and in the Furkaregion. We used the ultra-small rucksack as a companion on the wall to transport the water bottle, provisions, a headlamp, a rain jacket and the mobile phone. Due to the missing chest strap, we used a small carabiner to hold the two shoulder straps together on the chest. Thanks to this trick, the Nano daypack in the wall completely convinced us.

If you prefer to lug a larger daypack on a multi-pitch tour or even spend the night on the wall, the Nano Daypack also serves as a purely food bag. Since we have had the Nano daypack, it has been a constant companion in the haulbag. So farmer bars, nut packs, sandwiches and drinking bottles are not scattered around in the backpack.

The ideal companion on multi-pitch tours.
The ideal companion on multi-pitch tours.

Bring order to your bouldering gadgets

If you switch from rope climbing to bouldering and think you don't have to carry less material with you, you're mistaken. More and more utensils can be found in the backpacks. This includes things like:

  • hand fan
  • Warmth bag for high-friction sessions in winter
  • Go-Pro for recording the ascent
  • Hand cream for the battered fingertips
  • Sandpaper for removing the cornea
  • nail scissors
  • Finger massage ring
  • etc.

This list could go on indefinitely. In many crashpads there is only limited space between the cushions, which is why the Nano Daypack is perfect for stowing all the small gadgets along with the food and the drinking bottle. So nothing will slip out between the cushions.

Faithful companion in everyday life

Because the Nano Daypack is so small and light, it is fixed in our cover compartment of the work backpack. If the shopping after work turns out to be bigger than planned, the Nano Daypack extends the possibility of cleverly transporting the purchases.

We now always have the Nano Daypack with us during the holidays or on climbing trips lasting several days. It serves as a backpack for smaller day trips, hikes or shopping for groceries.

Conclusion on the Ultra-Sil Nano Daypack from Sea to Summit

Our initial skepticism is more than gone and the Nano daypack has become just as loyal as the smartphone. He is always there and you almost feel a bit lost when he stays at home.

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