Soon, the autumn holidays are at the door and thus a stay in warmer climes. One of the most popular climbing areas in the South is Arco. Since the release of the Arco Climbing Guide in 2013, obviously a lot has happened, as the new Climbing Bible has been extended to 51 areas.

The latest edition of the Arco Climbing Guide has been completely redesigned and now includes 122 Climbing Gardens with Topos. Eleven of them are being released for the first time, including the hardcore "Bus de Vela" area and the quieter "Volta di No" area.

The development of new areas is far from over

The potential of the limestone cliffs around Arco, Trento, Rovereto, in the Sarca Valley and in the Judetic valleys seems endless. No wonder that new routes and sectors are constantly being developed. Vertical-Life presents a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of sport climbing topos in the new Arco guide.

Highlights of the new Arco climbing guidebook

There are some highlights in the new Topo collection. First, there are the eleven previously unpublished sectors. Second, the 51 areas around which the new leader has grown. The book is not just about topos and degrees. It also offers much more insight into the local exploration and climbing scene around Heinz Mariacher, Manolo and other climbing pros. And if you do not want to wear the 635-page book on the wall, then Vertical-Life has the solution ready: With the purchase of the book you get access to the digital topo in the app.

You can order the Arco climbing guide from Bächli Bergsport or the Vertical Life Shop.

> Arco climbing guide 2017 at Bächli Bergsport
> Arco climbing guide 2017 in the Vertical Life Shop

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