Product of the month - the Ventic Air climbing shoe by Red Chili is committed to comfort and good ventilation. It is suitable for beginners - or more ambitious multi-pitch walkers.

Who in the Red Chilli Ventic Air hatches, the first thing that stands out is that the shoe has no tongue. The woven upper makes it feel much more like putting on a sock. Its low preload and the only slight asymmetrical shape make this Ventic Air to a shoe that you can wear for a long time without aching toes.

It is therefore suitable for beginners, whose feet are not yet used to tight shoes and do not need a strong bias / asymmetry in the shoe.

The Ventic Air from Red Chili

Even in alpine multi-pitches the Ventic Air is a faithful companion

The manufacturer himself positions the Ventic Air as a hall shoe. Due to the high wearing comfort (flat construction, use of the airy knit fabric in the upper material), the model is also very well suited for multi-pitched tours. The shoe does not have to be taken off immediately after every length of rope with a painful expression and you do not sweat so much.

Stefan Glowacz - professional mountaineer and founder of Red Chili introduces the shoe

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Product of the Month

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Credits: Artwork Red Chili


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