About two years ago Adam Ondra launched a video series. In the latest edition of this series, Adam Ondra shows what it means to produce an episode and who accompanies him on climbing trips.

In the run-up to the Summer Olympics, Adam Ondra launched one video series. Due to the success of the videos, Adam Ondra continued the series despite the postponement of the summer games. In contrast to climbing giants like Alexander Megos. or Wide Boyz, Adam Ondra's videos are relatively elaborate.

It's important to me that I don't ruin someone else's day while projecting and filming.

Adam Ondra

The latest edition of the video series offers a look behind the scenes and shows which entourage Adam Ondra is now accompanied on his climbing trips and how the films are made. It is not uncommon for them to hang over while filming an episode, for example Perfecto Mundo, three members of the camera crew on fixed ropes in the route and Drones buzz in the air.

This is how Adam Ondra's videos are created

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