At a meeting in Biel, the guys from the Swiss climbing-grip manufacturer Flathold gave us their climbing brushes for a practical test. The brushes with their natural bristles have more than convinced us. That's why we asked if they would give us a few copies for a raffle. And they do. We are giving away a set of two Flathold Climbing Brushes 20.

The climbing brush belongs to the most important utensils of a climber and a climber. Slopers, ridges and edges want to be rid of magnesium, dust and rubber particles, so that the friction is right. If you mark hidden handles or important kicks with tick marks, you clean them off after the last attempt or successful boarding. Also it needs a good brush. The decision for a climbing brush is not easy, because there are a lot of models. A brush that is really good, comes from the House of Flathold.

Niccolò Ceria swears by the brushes of Flathold
Niccolò Ceria swears on the brushes of Flathold (picture zVg).

Angled and stiff shaft with natural bristles

The Flathold climbing brushes combine some important features. The shaft is made of hard polyurethane and thus keeps a fall out of the climbing route loose and does not break if a little more scrubbing is required. A small but important detail is the shape of the stem: The brush head is angled at 10º. Anyone who cleans a handle or scrubs a sloper will scarcely scratch his knuckles. Another plus of the Flathold brushes are the bristles. These are not made of plastic, but of natural bristles, which clean better and last longer.

The climbing brushes of Flathold

Small and rigid or big and soft

The Flathold brushes are available in two sizes. For smaller strips and stubborn magnesium residues, the small brush (size S) is best. For large-scale applications it is best to use the larger brother (size M).

Join the Flathold Raffle now

The following We only need information to contact you and deliver the two brushes to the lucky winners, Your data will not be shared with third parties. Scout's honor! The closing date for entries is September 3, 2018, 12.00 noon.

Get the Flathold climbing and bouldering brush without detours

You want a climbing brush from Flathold now and today? The brushes in the Sizes S and M sind bei Bächli mountain sports online or in the respective branches .

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Flat hold brushes --- climbing and bouldering-

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This article was written in collaboration with Flathold Sàrl and the Bächli mountain sports AG.

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