Product of the month - one rope, three standards. The Swift is a single, half and twin rope in one and can therefore be used in a variety of ways, especially at full speed.

A contribution in cooperation with Bächli Bergsport

Ropes can become science in themselves. Which do I pack for which activity? Confusing situations can sometimes arise, especially at full speed. In principle, the half rope is certainly a reliable companion, especially in rope teams and on glacier tours this type of rope definitely makes sense. But is it also the first choice when it comes to vertical? Would a single rope be better at all? The agony of choice.

With the Swift Pro Dry from Edelrid this decision making is a thing of the past. Because it is equally suitable for all uses. And not just as a lucrative sales argument from the marketing kitchen - the rope is officially certified for its versatility. This is also necessary because a human life may depend on it.

The Edelrid Swift Pro Dry in action.

With a diameter of 8.9 millimeters, it is one of the thinnest single ropes on the market. This also affects the load - the rope is a real flyweight. Of course, it is also weatherproof in all respects, which makes it a long-standing, constant companion on almost every mountain adventure.

Technical details of the Edelrid Swift Pro Dry

  • Diameter: 8.90mm
  • Dynamic elongation (%): 33/30/28
  • Catch impact Kn: 8,8 / 6,7 / 10,4
  • Core percentage (% 9): 66,00
  • Jacket percentage (%): 34,00
  • Weight per meter (g / m): 52,00
  • Static elongation (%): 9 / 8,6 / 5,3
  • Number of falls: 7/22/22
  • UIAA: Yes
  • CE marking: CE 0123
  • Certification: EN 892

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