The documentary film More than a route accompanies the climate researcher and climber Lena Müller on her search for more sustainability in climbing. Your journey invites you to question your own behavior and to look for new approaches. Lena has found one for herself and calls it Ecopoint.

Lena Mueller As an enthusiastic climber, she faces a dilemma like many others: on the one hand she wants to spend as much time as possible on the rocks, on the other hand she knows about the changes that the climate crisis is causing in the Alps. In the documentary More than a route Tom duration, Lena Müller shows her understanding of climbing by fair means. She calls it Ecopoint.

Documentary: More than a Route

5100 meters in altitude, 350 kilometers, 2 dream crack climbs

Together with her friend Judith, Lena embarks on an intense and eventful journey on a gravel bike. In the luggage: 23 kilograms of material, the goal, the trad lines Ganja and skinwalker to climb, as well as the desire to live as sustainably as possible.

"Red point climbing by fair means, i.e. with public transport and bike, is what I call Ecopoint. For me, this is the future of climbing.”

Lena Mueller

With her trip, the climate researcher is taking the red dot idea one step further. “Climbing a route free and in one go is one thing. Adding to this route is the other thing,” she says. Red point climbing by fair means, i.e. with public transport and bike, is what she calls Ecopoint. "For me, this is the future of climbing."

With their journey, Lena and Judith want to inspire other people and show that everyone can start with themselves. Picture: Fabio Keck / Ortovox

Lena Müller is not about pointing fingers at others – on the contrary. She wants to encourage people to question their own actions and consumption, especially in climbing. They wanted to inspire other people with their journey. “We want to give them the courage to deal with the climate crisis. We move forward to show that we can start with ourselves.”

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Credits: Cover photo: Fabio Keck / Ortovox