In search of great adventures, steep walls and new perspectives, the five climbers of the The North Face athlete team, Jacopo Larcher, Siebe Vanhee, Matty Hong and the Pou brothers, made their way to the Indian Baspa Valley last autumn.

The expedition had been suggested by the deceased Hansjörg Auer already in 2018. The team that finally set out in northwestern India consisted of Matty Hong, Jacopo Larcher, Siebe Vanhee are available as assessories. Pou brothers.

The scenic richness of the Baspa valley and rapidly changing weather conditions were both an incentive and a challenge. And - without a fixed destination, without fixed routes and without a final itinerary - ultimately responsible for the development of the expedition.

The expedition team had to deal with difficult conditions.

The many unknown factors shaped the team and gave the athletes the opportunity to question their own ideas.

“When you discover a place, it's all about expectations. When you expect a lot it can be very difficult. But when you are open to anything that can happen or stand in your way, discovery is great fun. "

Siebe Vanhee

The valley inspired the group: the athletes bouldered to keep fit, worked hard on sport climbing routes and discovered real big wall climbing that required team spirit and friendships.

Preparations for the upcoming expedition are made.

In honor of Hansjörg and although Iker broke his toe shortly before the start of the expedition, the Pou brothers opened a 560 meter route with "Latin Brother" with a level of difficulty 7c +. A special moment for the brothers and the entire team.

Full length climbing film Unknown Factors

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