Do you know the Muscle Up? Muscle Up effectively trains your explosive power. But not only pure power is needed, but also the right timing and thus the coordination. Christoph Völker from explains in the following guest article how the exercise works.

You're hanging in the normal position as if you wanted to do a pull-up. But now you draw with both arms much more explosive than a chin-up. With the knees, you can get some extra momentum, by quickly pulling them up. This should give you the center of gravity of the upper body over the bar. You turn your hands slightly forward to lean on the pole. You can still push yourself into the support if you have not already flown there anyway.


Try to do four sets of one to eight repetitions each. Pause for about 2 minutes. Try to make the exercise progressively cleaner. A fixed fixed pull-up bar with proper diameter (60 -70mm) is an advantage.


The Muscle Up trains the train muscles very explosively. The supportive muscles are also trained, but very low. To master the exercise, good timing and coordination is important!

This video shows you the Muscle Up

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Credits: Picture and text Christoph Völker von

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