The route El Cap Feelings was brought out of a deep sleep by Yannick Glatthard and Niklaus Kohler and climbed red dot for the first time.

The route was gradually set up by various parties. Renato Pirali and Nicolas Zambetti were in charge. However, a red dot inspection of the tour was denied to them. 13 years after the tour was completed, the time has come. Yannick Glatthard and Nik Kohler get the first red dot ascent from El Cap Feelings.

Before we could study and climb the individual places, we had to clean the route.

Yannick Glatthard
Niklaus Kohler in the route El Cap Feelings on the Handegg.

At LACRUX's request, Yannick describes the route as follows:

The route El Cap Feelings is drilled relatively modern, that is, the hook distances are moderate. There are actually only runouts at the simple points on the route. It runs along a logical line that offers a lot of variety. You have to overcome steep boulder spots and sneak smooth slabs.

Itinerary from El Cap Feelings an der Handegg. (Picture Filidor)

Yannick and Nik rate the key lengths of the route as 7c + (SL 3) and 8a + (SL 4), whereby 7a + must be climbed. The route stretches over 260 meters (10 pitches) in the best granite and offers steep climbing and slab sections.

More information about the route and the climbing area Handegg there is in the climbing guide Switzerland plaisir west from the Filidor publishing house.

Topo of the route El Cap Feelings on the Handegg - Grimsel

Topo El Cap Feelings on the Handegg - Grimsel

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