Anyone who often travels in the mountains will sooner or later come into contact with ammunition remains and unexploded ordnance. Because their number is high in the mountains. What has to be done in the case of a find is explained here.

Duds is an ammunition that has not or not completely exploded; For example, because it has landed in the water, in the snow or in soft ground or distracted by stones. Duds and ammunition remains often found in target areas in the mountains, on glaciers or on shooting ranges.

These principles must be observed

To prevent accidents, the following principles should be followed: never touch, mark and report duds.

Symbol picture Never touch the duds - mark - report

Anyone who comes across a suspicious object, it should not touch, but the object in the field mark it clearly visible and contact the police via telephone 117 or find the find via the form below report to the dud reporting center. It's even easier with the dud app, which can be downloaded free of charge for Apple and Android devices from the popular app stores under “duds”. According to the DDPS directive on the prevention of accidents caused by duds, private individuals can be paid a premium of up to 100 francs if an accident can be prevented by reporting. In 2018, 9 francs were paid out for this.

The army in search of duds. (Picture VBS)

identification Help

Based on the list in the following PDF, the most common duds can be identified.

Color chart for detecting unexploded ordnance and found munitions
Color chart for detecting unexploded ordnance and found munitions

Shooting exercises: These areas should be avoided on certain days

The Swiss military regularly does shooting exercises in the mountains. It is recommended to consult the following website prior to activities in army training areas.

Picture VBS

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