The Mawem brothers addressed the public in a video message. The focus is on the injury to Bassa. He has to forego taking part in the finals. But the brothers are optimistic about the future. 

You are already the winner of the heart. «Les frères Mawem», the likeable brother duo from France, is currently experiencing a roller coaster of emotions in Tokyo. The qualification could not have gone better for the two of them: after first and third place in speed, they are on the final course from the start, then have visibly fun in the bouldering competition, the birthday boy Mickael even wins ahead of Ondra, Narasaki and Co.

The last discipline lead should be the grand finale of the day - it is becoming apparent that the brothers are both in the final. But then the ultimate brake on fun: Bassa Mawem's biceps suddenly give way, the injury is serious. After the qualification it is uncertain whether and how it will go on for him.

Here Bassa Mawem's biceps tendon tore

Operation is imminent

Now the brothers have spoken out in a detailed video message. With his left arm in the loop, Bassa explains his injury: a total rupture of the lower biceps tendon. An operation date has already been set for next Tuesday, after which it is necessary to stand still for three weeks before rehabilitation can begin. Realistically, it could be charged again after six months.

It is therefore clear that his participation in the final has been canceled. Although the two brothers had always sworn to each other: as long as no leg was cut off, there would be a fight. “Now I'm missing an arm,” says Bassa with a smile.

In this unfortunate situation, they don't seem to lose their smile and carry a healthy dose of optimism. It is not the first time that they have to struggle with lows, says Mickael. They are used to getting up again, be that what has brought them this far.  

Mawem brothers on reaching the finals and the injury of Bassa

View to Paris 2024

"Either you have a physical shortcoming or then a mental low from a lot of training, that's the way it is." Now it's up to Mickael to complete the joint project. The “Olympia” project is far from finished here.

The two have already set their sights on the home games in Paris in 2024. Bassa's injury is not a tragic end to the climbing professional who is 36 years old. But the starting shot of the “Road to Paris” for the Mawem brothers.

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Credits: Cover picture IFSC /Leo Zhukov