Mammut asks customers who own Mammut 3.0 avalanche airbags to control the timing of the deployment cable to ensure proper operation of the Avalanche Safety equipment. 

All customers in possession of the 3.0 (neon-colored release handle) avalanche airbags of the Winter 16 / 17 winter season and Winter 17 / 18 season winter season are kindly requested to check them using the instructions below or to contact Mammut Customer Service. Avalanche airbags of earlier seasons (red trigger handle) are not affected. The assembly error is easy to identify and correct.

In individual cases, the tripping cable may be over-bent as a result of improperly (self-) mounting the system. This can interfere with the functionality of the avalanche airbag with repeated deployment. If the mounting error described in the manual is determined, we ask you to carry out the correction immediately according to the instructions. In case of uncertainties contact the Mammut customer service.

Affected or not?

All affected airbag systems of the generation 3.0 have a neon-orange trigger handle. The Mammut RAS and PAS systems as well as the products under the brand Snowpulse Highmark with the Mammut airbag system 3.0 are to be checked. Not affected are all Mammut and Snowpulse systems of the generation 2.0 with red handle.

Mammoth avalanche backpack_ call for control verification
Left: Mammut avalanche backpack of the generation 3.0

This is how you control your avalanche backpack

1. Please open the main compartment of the backpack. The compartment with Velcro, which includes the airbag balloon, does not need to be opened.

Mammut avalanche backpack_ call for control review_main compartment
Mammut avalanche backpack: open the main compartment


2. Remove the print cartridge if it is screwed in.

3. Check the position of the release cable

The area where the black cable leaves the trip unit should be clearly visible. In addition, the Bowden cable should run without strong bends in the shoulder straps. In this case, the installation is done correctly and their airbag is after application of the cartridge again field of application. If the cable pull is not clearly visible as shown in the diagram on the right and has a strong bend, please follow the correction instructions (step 4, continued).

Mammoth Lawinenrucksack_Aufruf-to-control-Überprüfung_Hauptfach_Auslösekabel-kontrollieren.jpg
Mammut avalanche backpack: Check release cable. That's right.


Mammut avalanche backpack_Control check check_Main compartment trigger cable control_falsch.jpg
Mammut avalanche backpack: Check release cable. That's the wrong way.


4. correction instructions

4.1 Open the zipper on the shoulder straps holding the release handle.

Mammut Avalanche Backpack_Call for Inspection Review_Main_Zipper
Mammut avalanche backpack: open zipper


4.2 Pull firmly on the cable above the hook.

Check Mammut avalanche backpack_check for control check_main_patch
Mammoth avalanche backpack: check history


4.3 Check again the correct course of the cable at the trip unit.

Your airbag backpack is ready for use after you have screwed in the cartridge.

Mammut avalanche backpack_Call for checking-Kontroll_Hauptfach_Triggertool
Mammut avalanche backpack: make trial release


You can check the correct installation by means of a training release. Use the supplied Trigger Test Tool and follow the instructions in the Chapter 5.5 in the manual described steps. Perform the training release twice.

Mammut avalanche backpack_ call for control check_Test release1
Mammoth avalanche backpack: test trigger


  1. What can I do if I can not do the inspection and repair myself?
    Please contact our Customer Service. You can have the airbag sent in and checked for free.
  2. What exactly is the problem and the security risk?
    The system works reliably on the first trip, but in some cases it may happen that the next time you screw in the mechanism
    Cartridge is no longer properly stretched, since the strong curvature in the cable generates too much friction. In some cases, this can cause the system
    does not trigger.
  3. Were there accidents due to this assembly error?
    It is a precautionary control call and no incidents are known. The assembly error was at a routine quality and
    Warehouse control discovered.
  4. Can my airbag system be permanently damaged by the assembly error?
    No - as soon as the cable runs properly again, the system will work properly. In some cases, it may happen that the black shell of the
    Cable at the entrance to the trip unit has minor damage in the plastic. However, these do not affect the function in any way. If you are unsure here, please contact our customer service.
  5. Can the cable pull back into the wrong position after checking the airbag?
    No, this is impossible. Please pay attention to the user manual when assembling the system yourself or when mounting the system in another backpack. The
    Assembly error can occur if the user instructions are not observed even when self-assembling.
  6. Can the assembly error only occur in the production of mammoth or even during the self-assembly of the system?
    Routine checks have revealed that isolated assembly errors have occurred in the production of mammoth. The error should not occur during self installation if the user manual is followed correctly.
  7. Are the avalanche airbags of the licensees Dakine, Thule, Rip Curl and Noröna also affected?
    No - these backpacks were delivered without the airbag system installed. Please consider in a self-assembly or the installation of the system in one
    another backpack the user guide exactly. The assembly error can also occur during a self-assembly if the user instructions are not observed.
  8. Avalanche airbags from various brands have been remarkably affected by recall and control calls in recent years. Is this technology safe at all?
    Avalanche airbags are based on a relatively young, complex technology that is still being developed. In the overall picture, however, the avalanche airbags have saved many lives and the corrective measures have prevented accidents that could have led to a fatality due to system failure.

For further questions, please contact our customer service.

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