Are you starting to plan your climbing trips in autumn? Then you should write the Transa Outdoor Festival from September 28th to 30th in your agenda. We have listed 7 reasons why it is worth participating for you.

A guest post by Manuel Scherrer of Transa Backpacking AG

Reason #1: Unique scenery

The climbing garden high above the Segnesboden in the middle of the tectonic Arena Sardona offers a unique scenery and rock solid rock. Along sharp water channels, fine climbing routes meander along the rock - from simple (2a) to challenging (6b). Definitely an experience!

Reason #2: Learning from the legend

The climbing workshops are led by Pesche Wüthrich, climbing instructors and developers of 1000 routes in Switzerland and abroad. During the workshops, you will benefit from a great deal of knowledge and experience. In the evening in the Basecamp, he will gladly tell you one or the other anecdote around the campfire.

Reason #3: Free to test the latest climbing equipment

In the cozy tent camp, your base camp, the who-is-who of the climbing industry is bustling. Brands like Petzl, Scarpa, DMM and Mammut provide the latest climbing equipment, which you can test in the workshops right away. And do not worry, you're among like-minded people, and you're bound to not stand out as Gear junkie from stand to stand.

Put climbing equipment to the acid test - Transa Outdoor Festival 2018
Put climbing equipment to the acid test (Image: Transa Backpacking AG).

Reason #4: Three days among like-minded people

The day through you expand your climbing repertoire on the rock and talk shop about climbing routes. In the evenings, you can chat in the tent camp with the climbing community about upcoming projects and past adventures around the campfire. In short, a peer-to-peer event where you will not notice if you do not use the shower for three days (from this year on offer), or have your broken equipment repaired for free at Patagonia's Worn Wear booth.

Reason #5: Cozy atmosphere

The Transa Outdoor Festival is more than outdoor sports and tent camp. The focus is on the cozy togetherness. Located on an idyllic meadow at the edge of the forest is the base camp with tent village, fire bowls, lounges and community tent. To the sounds of live bands (including William White and Chiquanne) you can enjoy a tasty buffet and strengthen yourself for the next day.

The camp at the Transa Outdoor Festival in Flims Laax
The tent camp at the Transa Outdoor Festival in Flims Laax: Coziness included (Image Transa Backpacking AG).

Reason #6: Try something new

At no other place do you have such a large selection of activities to do on a weekend. From slacklining through the Martinsloch to Acro Yoga or alpine climbing on the Tschingelhorn. You can put together your climbing weekend according to your taste.

Reason #7: Arrive with your own Büssli

Are you on your climbing trips mainly with the Büssli on the way? No problem! For this we have extra organized a place near the base camp. Showers and toilets are on site. Speaking of big business: This you do not have to do in the forest but you can use our Kompotois (made of wood). These are not only visually beautiful, but also absolutely ecological.


Click here  you will find all information about the workshops, accommodation and meals. Reserve now the 28. - 30. September 2018 at Flims Laax.

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Impressions from the climbing workshop 2017

About the Transa Outdoor Festival

Am Transa outdoor festival in Flims Laax Falera A lot awaits you that will make your outdoor heart beat faster! Climbing on the historic Pinut via ferrata, rafting through the unique landscape of the Rhine, biking tours for the wild, cooking with herbs, roots and grasses, slacklining in Martinsloch for all ridge hikers, a wonderful and technically demanding high-altitude tour to the Tschingelhörner, learning bushcraft skills, acro -Yoga for balance and a treasure hunt for the little adventurers. The complete program can be customized to your needs.

Credits: Transa Backpacking AG

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