You want to start climbing or you already have some climbing tours under your belt? Transa sales consultant and climbing legend Pesche Wüthrich explains the most important basics for beginners, how to put together your equipment optimally and with which tips advanced climbers can save weight.

A guest post by Pesche Wüthrich, sales consultant mountain sports at Transa and climbing instructor

The most important thing in climbing is the fun! But in addition to the fun should be paid in an initial phase, the backup sure sufficient attention. Not all automatisms are sitting right at the beginning.

How to assemble your climbing gear

Let's start with that harness, This should be comfortable in the first place, optimally adjustable leg straps and have enough material loops. The adjustable leg straps allow you to use your all-round harness for both multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering. In terms of the optimal climbing shoes I recommend two different models: one for sport climbing, which likes to be tight-fitting and a little more aggressive. A second shoe for multi-pitches, which should be especially comfortable. Furthermore, I like to use a supersoftes rope, which does not last so long, but it is very comfortable to back up and good through backup device running.

Material check and save weight

If you've been climbing for a while, I recommend a thorough material check every season. Equipment such as the harness should be replaced approximately every 5 year. With the hardware I make the check, if I have enough Expressen have and still all carbines work properly. Would you like to use one or the other route with mobile? backup devices I recommend you a set of friends and wedges and a set of rocks or stoppers of the size 1-13. With the ongoing expansion of equipment will also save weight an issue. It is important to know that less weight usually means less safety. Here, therefore, caution is advised that is not saved in the wrong place. For example, for a multi-pitch route with a long approach, I choose the lightest expressions with wire snapper. The disadvantage of these expresses is also that they are sometimes not optimally in the hook and are thus exposed under certain circumstances, a lateral load. If you want to learn more about climbing and the right equipment, we recommend a visit to the branches Zurich Europaallee, Winterthur or Lucerne or participation in our regular rope meetings, There you can check your material under expert guidance or refresh your safety technology.

Basics for beginners

So you find your suitable climbing equipment

Climbing tips for advanced skiers

Packing list for your next climbing trip

You are planning a trip to the rock in the near future? At the Transa you can find in the branches Zurich Europaallee, Winterthur or Lucerne and in Online Store an extensive mountain sports range. These are our highlights from the climbing assortment:

DMM Aero Quickdraw Set

DMM Aero Quickdraw Set

DMM Wallnut Set 1-11

DMM Wallnut Set 1-11

Black Diamond climbing helmet Vapor


Edelrid Mega Jul


Arcteryx FL-365 harness

ARCTERYX FL-365 Harness Men's

Mammut climbing rope 9.5 Challenger Classic

MAMMUT 9.5 Challenger Classic

Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Screw FG

Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Screw FG

Beastmaker training board 2000

beastmaker training board 2000

Wild Country Friend

Wild Country Friend

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.

Credits Video: © 2018, Transa Backpacking AG, Location: Segnesboden Climbing Park (Flims)

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