On the map between Basel and Schaffhausen, on the other bank of the Rhine, there is a small but fine sports climbing area in the best gneiss: Albbruck. Hannes Ebding from Bächli Bergsport took a closer look at the area.

A guest contribution by Hannes Ebding - Bächli Bergsport

Shortly after the beautiful Laufenburg it goes over the Rhine, then a little upstream and then off to Albbruck, the entrance (or exit?) Of the Albtal. From there it is only a short distance to reach the forest parking lot.

From a climbing area you can not see anything here, everything seems peaceful and idyllic. After the first few steps through the cooling forest you can hear gently the Alb, the river of the Albtals, rippling. Although you can still hear the occasional motorized vehicle thundering through the Albtal, with every further step on the clearly visible trail you plunge into the soothing atmosphere of the Albtal. Bird chirping, the sound of the river and soon one or two loud climbers. Everyday life is forgotten, climbing can begin.

The gneiss wall with its 132 sport climbing routes
The gneiss wall with its 132 sport climbing routes

The meeting with the king of the Albtals

I meet Peter and Peter. The one Peter is an employee of Bächli mountain sports in the Basel outlet. The other Peter is chairman of the DAV section Hochrhein. Both have played a key role in the redevelopment and redevelopment of the area since 2005. The area is impressive. The compact gneiss rises vertically into the sky with its 132 routes. Partly 30 meter long routes. Intersections, overhangs, cracks and slabs. The base of the wall can be reached easily anywhere, anytime. And then the climate. In summer, the Alb cools down pleasantly, while the south-facing sectors can also be climbed well in cooler seasons. In short and in one word: Huärägil. It is not for nothing that Känel and Co. have the area in Plaisier Jura recorded. The downside? At the weekend it means “draw numbers”. Because then all hell is going on here. So it is better to stop by on days off during the week, then the border crossings are not so congested.

From simple to difficult

For beginners in the French 5er range Peter recommends the routes Steinbeisser and Goldfinger. Hardmoving recommends Peter Garden of Eden and Grenzgänger. ” Cross-border commuters are rated with a whopping 7c and everyone - whether cross-border commuters or not - can reach their personal limits or even exceed them. And for climbers between the two extremes, the other Peter later says: "tailwind and lineatus are a must for medium difficulty ”. So there really is something for everyone.

You should climb this route in Albbruck
You should climb this route in Albbruck

Like in paradise

Ursin, also employee at Bächli mountain sports Basel, today is also on the rock. A coincidence, which is due to the bad weather in Eastern Switzerland. He is currently planning Garden of Eden. Almost the shortest route straight to paradise. And that's how you actually feel here when the quiet bank invites you to linger and picnic between two routes. Just beautiful. And so the only conclusion left is: It cannot be excluded that every now and then a limit only serves one purpose - namely to be exceeded.

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