Along with shoes, a crash pad and a chalk bag, a brush is part of the standard equipment for bouldering. A grip, bristles and good is. You don't need it anymore for cleaning rocks. If you still want to bring some color and natural creativity into play, you are in good hands with the brushes from Faza Brushes.

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

Rough stone, just as nature created it. bouldering is puristic and gets by with the minimum of artificial equipment. Therefore, it only seems logical if this equipment follows the tradition of this purism. The wooden handles of the rock brushes from Faza Brushes are therefore left in their original shapes and colors. This makes each copy unique.

Faza Brushes Model Dreamtime
The models in the Dreamtime series are as unique as the movements on the rock. Image: Faza Brushes.

Handmade and individual

However, the attention to detail does not stop with the unique wooden design. the Climbing and bouldering brushes are almost 95% handmade in Bulgaria - from the bouldering scene for the bouldering scene. 

boulder brushes faza brushes model karma
It's all about the colours: examples of the Karma model. Image: Faza Brushes

In addition to the really unusual models, the company also has more moderate and more classic-oriented variants on offer. These also attract attention with their partially colorful designs. At least compared to other standard brushes.

A selection of Faza Brushes is available from Bächli Bergsport, including the Dreamtime, Chaos, Karma, Confession in Colors and La Rambla models.

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Credits: Cover picture Faza Brushes