The capital of the state of Tyrol has everything it needs for exciting climbing holidays with the family: a lively and yet cozy old town, mountains as far as the eye can see and numerous recreational activities for rest or rainy days. We took a closer look at Innsbruck and show you where it's best to climb with children, what accommodation options there are and what to do on rainy or rest days.

With the birth of the offspring the situation changes for many climbing couples. Long ascents, sloping terrain and brittle rock are factors that keep you from climbing. Nevertheless, many parents do not want to miss climbing or bouldering. Quite right, because there are options to heaps. If you decide for a climbing holiday in Innsbruck, we recommend the following climbing gardens and bouldering areas.

The Ehnbachklamm - climbing on the brook

The area in the municipality Zirl offers around 130 routes in all levels of difficulty and expositions. In the Ehnbachklamm gorge a cozy picnic, a dip in the cool water and climbing on holes and rails can be ideally combined.

What an ambience! Climbing in the Ehnbachklamm.
What an ambience! Climbing in the Ehnbachklamm.

Höttinger Steinbruch - from easy to difficult

Also perfect for a climbing session with kids is the Höttinger quarry (Top) with its special red rock (breccia). In this climbing garden you will find 48 tours in the difficulty levels 5b to 7c +. The wall is facing southwest and allows climbing thanks to their inclination even in light rain.

The meadow in front of the wall invites you to linger.
The meadow in front of the wall invites you to linger.

So you bridge a rest or rainy day in Innsbruck

Not always you are blessed during the holidays with nice weather. Thanks to the diverse offer in and around Innsbruck, resting or rainy days can be wonderfully bridged with children.

The Arzler Alm

The Arzler Alm is really the perfect destination for families with small children. The ascent is short and uncomplicated and yet you are on a real alpine pasture. All those who want to climb a bit higher, can also go further on the Höttinger or Rumer Alm. To both huts wide forest roads lead, which are well accessible also for children.

The Alpine Zoo

In this zoo you will not find elephants, lions or chimpanzees. Much more, the Innsbrucker Alpenzoo unites animals from the alpine world: powerful brown bears pat through their enclosure, otters swiftly swim through the water and the bearded vulture watches the visitor suspiciously from a branch. A highlight for young and old.


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The Telfer bath

The Telfer Bad has an indoor area with a 400m² sports pool, a family pool and a separate children's pool with water features for the youngest guests.

Sleep four times - very different

While some prefer to spend the night in their comfortable VW bus at the campsite, the others prefer to nest in a hostel or hotel. If you are looking for contact with the local population and a special experience, you can spend the night on the farm.

In the middle of the green - the Natterersee campsite

If you do not want to or can not take a tent, you will find beautiful wooden lodges in the middle of a light forest or so-called safari tent that can be rented.

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For the small wallet - the Hostel Marmota

Hostel Marmota offers affordable accommodation for all travelers. It offers different types of rooms, a terrace for guests and access to the kitchen.

Those who prefer it chic - The Boutique Hotel Nala

The Nala hotel is super central, yet quiet. And the breakfast, the breakfast is sensational.

Where foxes and hares say good night - Hoarachhof

Back to 12. Century. Ok, not quite. The Hoarachhof is a beautifully renovated farm from the 12. Century, which offers families with children so much. In addition to a relaxed atmosphere, there are all sorts of animals on the farm such as cows, calves, sheep, lambs, pigs and cats that make the hearts of children beat faster.


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Innsbruck is rightfully called Climbers City

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