Product of the month - hardly arrived at the deflector, many a climber takes off his shoes before he is let off. The reason: sore toes. Those who wear performance-oriented shoes often forego comfort. The Black Diamond Focus climbing shoe is breaking new ground.

The medium preload, its asymmetrical fit and the clear downturn characterize the climbing shoe Focus. A tongue made of a special fabric (Engineered Knit Technology) makes the shoe comfortable and breathable despite its high-performance properties.

Good on small kicks and in steep terrain

The characteristics of the Focus come especially in steeper routes or when standing small kicks to the train. Who is often on the way in plates and flat terrain, which deviates better on the Momentum which we tested last year.

With hemp against stinky climbing shoes

Anyone who wears a shoe for a long time knows the problem: At some point, an unpleasant smell settles in the climbing shoe. Black Diamond tries to counteract this with an odor-absorbing hemp insert.

Attention: buy other sizes than usual

Usually one buys his climbing shoes some sizes smaller than with a normal sneaker. Not so with the climbing shoes from Black Diamond. It is best to choose the focus half a size smaller than the normal street shoe.

The climbing shoe Focus by Black Diamond

Black Diamond Focus

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Product of the Month

Every month LACRUX, in cooperation with Bächli Bergsport, presents a product that convinces us. The product is currently available for purchase 11 locations in Switzerland as well as in the Online shop of Bächli Bergsport.

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