25-year-old Natalie Bärtschi has devoted her life to sports. Whenever possible, she drives out to the rock - preferably in the bouldering areas Magic Wood and Brione. In addition to good conditions Natalie swears on her climbing trips on clothes that are durable and comfortable. We talked to Natalie about her sponsor Prana and asked her about her favorite pieces.

How did the collaboration between you and Prana come about?
Prana has always been my preferred sponsor. The company Gecko Supply, which does the distribution of Prana in Switzerland, asked me if I was interested in a cooperation. Of course, I did not hesitate for a long time and agreed immediately.

What do you like about the brand Prana? What makes you a proud prana athlete?
I like the whole mentality behind the brand with a focus on sustainability. Prana stands for high-quality, durable clothing, which was produced fairly and environmentally friendly as possible. At the same time, high-quality materials feel much more pleasant on the skin and stay odorless longer. The clothes are also functional and offer full freedom of movement, which is very important for me when climbing. Last but not least, I just like the design and I feel comfortable in the clothes. Since I work with Prana, I hardly buy any other clothes, neither for everyday life nor for climbing.

In your opinion, how do Prana garments differ from other manufacturers?
I'm convinced of the longevity of the products. I still remember the purchase of my first Prana Tops. I had to work on my parents quite a long time, because it had a proud price. But this price has already paid off many times over. Almost 10 years later, it's as good as new and still belongs to my favorite garments. Due to the great design, the clothes are also very versatile and many parts can be combined well not only in sports but also in everyday life. Especially when traveling, it helps me to reduce my luggage to a minimum.

What is your favorite garment?
The above tank top. Unfortunately it is no longer available. Fortunately, there is now the Verana Top, which replaces my old tank top (see below).

Prana attaches great importance to ecologically sustainable and fair products. Was this a reason for your commitment to the brand?
This is definitely one of the reasons why I can identify with the brand. Clothing is only a small part, but even with such small changes we can make a difference. We still have a long way to go, but if every one of them contributes, it is at least a step in the right direction. Prana promotes this ecological and social awareness and is committed to appropriate projects.

Natalie, please introduce us to your favorite three products!

1 / The Transform Legging - high waist and maximum freedom of movement

After years of searching I have with the Transform Legging finally found my absolute favorite leggings! The slightly thicker fabric is sturdy and together with the high waistband it keeps you warm in winter. On particularly cold days, if necessary, even a long pair of underpants fits under it. The stretch material feels like a second skin and provides maximum freedom of movement. No wonder I own several pairs of it.

2 / Cozy Zip Up Jacket - fluffier does not work

As the name suggests, this is an oversized, fluffy hoody - a garment that may never be missing out on me. When climbing preferred without hood and zipper in the form of Cozy Up Sweatshirt.

3 / Verana Top - comfort thanks to stretch material

So far, the best replacement for my soon 10-year favorite top part, if this unexpectedly but should eventually break. Those who can not decide on the great color selection, ordered best still the eponymous Verana Bra to.

Natalie's favorite dresses at a glance

Transform Legging

Transform Legging

The Prana Transform Legging is made from Chakara, Prana's most compressive stretch jersey. Legging features include a concealed key pocket in the wide waistband, dual powermesh elements at the waist for maximum support and a triangle gusset for extra comfort and reinforcement.
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Cozy Zip Up Jacket

Cozy Zip Up Jacket

An extra-wide collar, fluffy material and sun protection factor 50 + make the Cozy Zip Up the perfect companion on the rock or after-work beer in the VW bus. The Cozy Zip Up Pullover is made of hemp (54%), recycled polyester (33%) and lyocell (13%).
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Verana Top

Verana Top

The Verana Top definitely stands out with its crossed straps. The integrated bra with removable cushions and the chakara stretch material make the Verana Top the most comfortable top.
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About the American outdoor brand Prana

Prana is a term from the Indian Sanskrit and means breath, life or life energy. Prana is proud of this name because it underlines its claim to social and environmentally friendly behavior. Prana clothing and accessories are carefully designed and developed to withstand the demands of sports, everyday life and travel. www.prana.com

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Credits: Pictures Prana / Vladek Zumr

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