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Seb Bouin climbs DNA and suggests a 9c rating

On April 29, 2022, French professional climber Seb Bouin completed the first ascent of one of the toughest routes in the world: DNA in the Ramirole sector of the Verdon Gorge in France. He has invested more than 150 days and 250 attempts in the line, and he proposes a rating of 9c.

Stefano Ghisolfi attacks Adam Ondra's 9c route Silence

This summer the time has come: Stefano Ghisolfi wants to attack Silence (9c), currently the most difficult route in the world, in Flatanger, Norway. The Italian climbing pro reveals this in his most recent video diary.

Film: Alex Megos climbs bibliography (9c)

This film tells the story behind the first ascent of the world's second 9c route by Alex Megos: Bibliography

Who will climb 9c next? Predictions by Adam Ondra

As part of the second episode of the BETA news program in cooperation with Actiontalk and Bächli Bergsport, we are devoting ourselves to the following topics and have spoken to Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert, Nico Favresse and Klaus Isele: Who will climb 9c next? Eiger north face under siege. Criticism of Nico Favresse and Sébastien Berthe.

Can the Rift of Silence (9c) be jammed?

Pete Whittaker wanted to know if the Rift could be jammed by Silence and drove to Flatanger in Norway.

Alexander Megos: First ascent of the 9c route Bibliographie in Céüse

The German professional climber Alexander Megos successfully climbs the route Bibliographie in Céüse. Alex suggests 9c as the level of difficulty for the route. It is only the second 9c in the world.

Climbing area Laghel closed: With the dream of the 9c route for Stefano Ghisolfi

Stefano Ghisolfi is no longer allowed to climb in the 9c project in the Laghel climbing area. The owner of the property prohibits access immediately

Will Stefano Ghisolfi soon celebrate the second 9c in the world in Arco?

Stefano Ghisolfi is one of the strongest climbers in the world. In Arco, he got stuck on a project that could be a 9c route.


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