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Janja Garnbret submits | Results lead qualification women

Sport Climbing World Cup Qualification Lead Women: Janja Garnbret lives up to her role as a favorite and is the only one who manages both routes.

Martina Demmel climbs home to Africa (9a)

The German climber Martina Demmel scores her long-term project Heim nach Afrika (9a) in Kochel am See. The mega-diagonal, on which she worked for two years, is a combination of the existing three routes Baby Love (8b +), madness fat booty (8b +) and QL (8c).

German championships: Hannah Meul and Yannick Nagel win

In the lead discipline, Hannah Maul prevailed as one of the favorites in an absolutely bravura manner. In the men's category, Yannick Nagel caused a big surprise with his success. Because after the semifinals there was little doubt that Yannick Flohé would win. However, the extremely difficult and demanding final route threw a spanner in the works.

German Lead & Speed ​​Championships | Info & live stream

The southern neighbors Switzerland and Austria have already held their national championships. On October 1st and 2nd it will also be time in Germany: The German Championships in the Speed ​​and Lead disciplines will take place in the Sparkassendome in Neu-Ulm. The competition can be followed in the live stream.

This is the young German climber Martina Demmel | Video

Martina Demmel is currently one of the strongest rock climbers, even though she only started climbing five years ago. Demmel was a guest on Actiontalk TV in April 2021 and Epic TV released a video about the German shooting star late last year.

Exclusive interview with 9a climber Martina Demmel

She is 19 years young, only started climbing four years ago - and recently got her first 9a in just 5 attempts. Actiontalk TV invited the scene's shooting star to the BETA program and accompanied her on the Voralpsee.

High-flyer Martina Demmel climbs 9a in the fifth attempt

The German climber Martina Demmel climbs into the club of 9a climbers: A few days ago she scored Joe Cita in Oliana.

Martina Demmel: 8b + (OS) and 8c + in one day

Martina Demmel starts the year successfully. It is already presenting an impressive ticklist again.


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For once, Schubert upgrades instead of depreciating Clash of the Titans (9b)

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