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World record: 12-year-old Andrea Chelleris climbs Pure Dreaming (9a)

Andrea Chelleris succeeded in the red point ascent of the 9a route Pure Dreaming near Arco. The 12-year-old climber is the youngest person to date to have been able to climb a route with this red point difficulty level.

52-year-old Alfredo Webber climbs the 9a route Pure Dreaming

The Italian Alfredo Webber, 52 years old, climbs the route Pure Dreaming (9a) near Massone, above Arcos, rotpunkt.

Eva Hammelmüller climbs underground (8c + / 9a)

The Austrian Eva Hammelmüller scores with Underground (8c + / 9a) on her most difficult route to date.

Video: Adam Ondra climbs the 9a route Atene Naturale

This video shows Adam Ondra on the solid ascent of the Atene Naturale route in the climbing area of ​​Massone, Italy.

Alexander Megos climbs 9a-route underground flash

The German professional climber Alexander Megos succeeds in a flash ascent of the underground route (9a) in the Massone climbing area.

Laura Rogora is climbing another 9a route with Underground

Laura Rogora is unstoppable. It announces the inspection of the 9a underground route. It is the third route in the 9a area within two weeks.

Laura Rogora is the fifth woman to climb a 9a + with Pure Dreaming Plus

19-year-old Laura Rogora climbs Pure Dreaming Plus, thereby expanding the "Club of 9a + women". She is only the fifth woman who has been able to redpoint a route in this degree.

Angy Eiter repeats Adam Ondra's route Pure Dreaming (9a) in Arco

A few days ago, the Austrian Angy Eiter managed the redpoint ascent of the 9a route Pure Dreaming in the Italian sports climbing Arco.